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Rules of Bleach Role Playing

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Rules of Bleach Role Playing

Post by Wonderweiss on Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:32 pm

Rule Number 1:Rp Battle posts should be at least a paragraph long(3-5 sentences).
Rule Number 2:No God Modding That means no instant regeneration Espada and arrancars may regenerate but damage done to them is still accounted for.
Rule Number 3:Fullbrings may Release fully into there Fullbring forms.
Rule Number 4:No Hax.ex.
1. Kyouka Suigetsu. The ability to control and manipulate all your opponents senses is uber haxness.

2. Respira, "time control"

3. Book of the End, you could litteraly write yourself into your opponents history and make your enemy your closest friend.

4. Suzimushinishki Enma Kurogi, used properly you could "oneshot" just about anybody.

5. Sakanade, the reversed world actually makes it harder on you the more experienced you are, your bodies automatic reactions would be your doom.

6. Katen Kyokatsu(sp), so many choices negate, or amplify damage almost at will.

7. Konjiki ashsogi jizo, talk about a 1-hitta quitta, all it takes is one scratch and your worm food.

8.Kamishini no yari, another 1-hitta, and the bad thing is that you'll likely never even see it comming.

9. Ruri iro Kujaku, the ability to drain all your opponents reiatsu is always helpful.

10. Wabiskue, keep swing you wond do it for long, the more ya hit, the heavier it gets.

These or anything like them used in rp will result in automatic loss and reduction of -10 experience.
Rule number 5:If you are a noob and you made a mistake accept it and it leads to death in Rp accept it
Rule Number 6: No cheating

Rule Number 7:Watchers cannot post in the rp.

Rule Number 8:Espada and Shinigama lose their current rank and become the rank of the person they lost.

Rule Number 9:Releases Like Yammy's for example are prohibited.

Rule Number 10:Original espada from the series cannot created

Rule Number 11:And the Espada and arrancars used shouldnt be replicated.

Rule Number 12: Vizard are allowed to have vastos lordes release forms.

Rule Number 13: Vizard Vasto Lordes forms cannot be Op'd(Overpowered).

Rule Number 14:Plz dont argue about who should have won when the other person clearly won.

Rule Number 15:Debating about the rules is allowed.

Rule Number 16:Arrancars can challenge Espada for their ranks.
Rule Number 17: Release removes all ailments.
bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

These are the rules follow them.

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