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Naruto Roleplay Rules (Read Before ROLEPLAY)

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Naruto Roleplay Rules (Read Before ROLEPLAY)

Post by Monkey on Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:45 pm

1.) No godmodding;

God Modding

Of particular note never:

1) State that you hit opponent in your post with any move or technique. Doing so is God Modding. They will decide if they get hit.
2) Claiming you avoided getting hit without a logical reasoning behind it.. If you can not explain the logic of your action you are God Modding.

3) Never state the actions of another person. It is fine to exploit there own actions if the thread allows but never to control those of another especially an opponent. You can not for instance claim your opponent ran to your left unless you opponent actually stated that previously.

Posting jutsu, techniques, weapons, etc. you do not have, or using the ones you have inappropriately or in a manner not implied or stated in the description, in a topic is not permitted. Furthermore if used to avoid death or to make something more powerful than it truely is then you will be considered to have God Modded

When in combat you must post details of any Jutsu used in that post at the bottom.

You can only ever use Jutsu you know before to the battle. Jutsu learned during the thread will not be allowed for use by you or anyone else.

2.) No supper powerful jutsu against weak attacks you know? Like don't use an S rank jutsu against a jutsu like a C rank because it is unnecessary. Use jutsu that are equal in ranks.

3.) Keep in mind how much chakra a jutsu costs, so perhaps there is a limit to your character.

The standard chakra reserves for Shinobi are as follows:

D ranked: 14
C ranked: 7
B ranked: none
A ranked: None
S ranked: none

D ranked: 24
C ranked: 14
B ranked: 3
A ranked: None
S ranked: None

D ranked: 45
C ranked: 28
B ranked: 10
A ranked: 5
S ranked: None

D ranked: 56
C ranked: 36
B ranked: 14
A ranked: 10
S ranked: 1
D ranked: 96
C ranked: 46
B ranked: 24
A ranked: 12
S ranked: 4

Please note each figures reflect the maximum a Nin of the rank can do of particular rank before exhausting themselves, not the actual amount of different jutsus each get.

4.) No killing in the training field, it is meant for practice.

5.) No one shot kills.

6.) If your character belongs to a clan, make sure that you know how far your characters inheritance traits (Sharingan, Byakugan for example) can go and that it has a limit to its power.

7.) Every character must have some sort of weakness, make sure you know your character's weakness.

8.) No super weapon damage from something like a (nuclear weapon) must be some related ninja tool.

9.) Remember summons are a C ranked jutsu based on the animal, however summons cannot lay the final blow to an opponent, it must be the character himself/herself that lands the final blow to defeat the other opponent.

10.) Each post of the roleplay must be atleast 6 lines deep.


No roleplaying like this:

Me: Yo hi
Kai: Sup dude.
me: *Kicks

All roleplay done should be in the forum of third person or first person view.

Academy students may have none.
Genin may only use one element: ex: Earth, wind, Fire, water.
Chuunin may have 2
Jounin may have 2
Anbu and Kages may have 3.

- Team Go Getters
Kung Fu Kid :D
Kung Fu Kid :D

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