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Daimond Sand: Daimond Barrier

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Daimond Sand: Daimond Barrier

Post by Dragoon Master Dj on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:05 pm

name: Daimond Sand: Daimond Barrier

Rank: A

element: Daimond Sand

description: the user maniuplates Daimond Sand and forms a Daimond barrier around them like a glass dome except with Daimonds the Daimonds are the strongest minerals in earth but can only block up to A rank and below jutsus weapons and such

training: Danny begins to walk in his clans, the Dragonia Clans training grounds wearing his Akatsuki Robe and a conical Strw Hat with many spiked balls hanging from the edges of the hat as he walks near a bench like stone he removes his hat revealing his face along with his Drakinkyugan eyes and he places the hat on the stone and ties it up to a Kunai with a string attached to it to prevent it from flying away in the wind as he begins to stedily walk he speaks in his mind.

Daimond Sand: Daimond Barrier is another one of ym famous jutsus from my ultimate weapon the Daimond Sand the user will control Daimond Sand and envelope themselves around a globe like Daimond Barrier around them the Daimonds are a good defense i mean afterall Daimonds are the hardest minerals in the world however kinjutsus and S rank jutsus can still penetrate the barrier so lets give it a shot luckily i already setted a few spring loaded Kunai and Shuriken launchers and even soem launchers with Kunais with paper bombs attached to them so lets give it a try.

Danny would deliberatley step on a near transparent string which he could see with his Drakinkyugan which launched the Kunais and Shurikens he quickly moved his arms and moved around his hands in motions as Daimonds would begin to swirl around him from the gourd he has one his back as he would shout. Daimond Sand: Daimond Barrier! As he would shout the Daimonds would cease movements and solidify into a dome like Barrier around Danny as the kunais and shuriken hit the barrier the bounced right off of the Daimond walls not even leaving little scratches Danny then stepped on another wire within his Daimond encrusted chamber which fired an army of paper bomb attached kunais as they hit and exploded around the dome as the smoke from the explosions would clear the Daimond Barrier still stood tall and with no scratches still! Danny smirked as he let down his hands and his Daimond sand would turn back to Iron Sand then normal Sand and go back into his gourd on his back he took a large plug you would usually see plug into Sake jars plugged it into the opening of his gourd took out the kunai he attacke his hat to put it back on and left the training grounds.
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Re: Daimond Sand: Daimond Barrier

Post by Monkey on Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:10 am


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