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Kasane Clan

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Kasane Clan

Post by Teto-cyan on Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:24 am

Clan Name: Kasane Clan

Clan Location:Village Hidden In Clouds
Clan Traits:Each clan member has extremly random hair colors and their hair color might match their eyes.Their hair is all curly or some had curls at the ends of their hair. (EXAMPLE:Teto has pink hair and eyes her hair looks like drills,Ted has red hair and eyes his hair is in a ponytail and has curls at the end,Keko has green hair and eyes her hair is in twin drills longer than teto's and they bounce,Tedo has purple hair and eyes her hair is the same as Keko's)

Kekkei Genkai:hāmonī utai nasai (Sing Harmony sounds cooler in romanji & Will explain later.

Secret Clan Jutsu:
Water clone
Ocean floor

Foggy Day
Stream mist

Violent Whirlwind
Metal wind
Wind clone
P.S:The user might want to say whatever style it is before using the justu.

Hāmonī Utai Nasai:
Or Sing Harmony whatever you want to call it. People that have or possess Sing harmony either have a birth mark of an item on their bodies or is chosen to learn it.In order to use it you have to be in full contact with the item on your body. (NOT literally, this just means that you have to be able to acually find out what item is on your body and then GET that item).

The user with the birthmark channles all of his/her chakra to their throat and sing the music scale.On the last note the user screeches and the opponet can go deaf or their ears bleed (it depends how the user directs the attack.)The only thing that stops this attack is wind. (or if the other person plugs their ears) (only gennin chunnin ninja can do this)

Dream Eater:

The user with the birthmark plays their item (how ever you play it EX: you blow into a flute) The noise from the item should freeze time around the place where was played alllowing the user to travel into the other person's mind. (not any random person can do this though you have to be a jouunin)

History:The Kasane clan formed when the half of the cloud village's ninja went all rouge on them.The clan was always considered "suspicious" because of the birthmarks on some of them.So far Kokoro was the only one born with the mark,Until she had children that is.Kokoro did not live to pass the teachings to everyone so there's very few who knows how to control hāmonī utai nasai.You could say that the Kasane clan is there to protect the cloud village.

Clan Symbol:
Im too lazy to find a real symbol thing XD. It says loyalty

Open Clan/closed: Open (cause were friendly)

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Re: Kasane Clan

Post by leji_hyuga on Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:25 pm

Confusingly Approved Xdd

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