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Teto Kasane

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Teto Kasane

Post by Teto-cyan on Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:01 pm

Name: Teto Kasane
Age: 12
Weight: 97
Height: 4'2
Rank:Academy student
Personality: Teto is a very outgoing girl and she likes to sew and mess with stuff.When she's not outside she's eating dinner of sleeping.She gets mad when her family tells her to stay inside or to clean up.Teto is a very messy girl.Besides that Teto's mood is O.K.

Appearance:Teto has pink hair and pink eyes.She has a birth mark of an item on her arm.Her hair is curly and impossible to comb.It just curls back up.Teto is always wearing a grey skirt.She added pink stripes to them when she got the shirt.Her grey shirt has a pink stripe on it with black buttons.She wears arm warmers for easy access to her kunai.And she just wears boots because shes cute.Teto had a detached belt loop on her skirt that she uses to hold her shuriken and kunai.
Village: Cloud Village
Clan: Kasane Clan (Im going to make it otay)

History:The Kasane clan is very small it has Teto's family anf a few others.Teto feels like she has to protect her clan so she decided to become a ninja.Teto doesn't remember her mom or dad so she considers Ted is her dad and Keko is her mom and Tedo is her twin sister.Even thought that is wrong.Teto was a good student like any other person.Except when she went to skipping classes and biting people.When Teto didn't understand what her teacher was talking about she asked alot of questions in class.Now she just says I understand but really her brain exploded.She made alot of friends and they played and trained together. (of corse Teto was the leader of her friends group so where ever Teto does says or goes they follow.Teto loved that about her friends.

Family:Ted Kasane (brother) Tedo Kasane (Sister) Keko Kasane (Sister,Tedo's twin)

Name:Kumo Suicchi (English:Cloud Switch)
Decription:Gives the user the ablity to conrol the condensation in the clouds.The user should focus on the sky for it to work.The user channles all of his/her chakra to their hands.Weave some hand signs(Dog,Rabbit,Horse) and raises their hands to the sky.If the clouds have any condensation in them...it should rain!

Roleplay Sample:
As Teto almost broke her neck trying to get out of the house her brother stopped her.
"You're not going anywhere its late outside"Ted said to Teto
"Yes I am,Now let me go im bored!"Teto says trying to get out of the grip from her brother.
"No"Ted says plainly
"YES!" Teto said as she bit her brother and ran outside.Teto went to the comic book store looking through its windows.
"Ahhhh!"Teto said as she saw her favorite book.Teto checked her pockets and noticed she left all her money at home.Teto started sulking and walked back home.She twisted the door knob and the door was locked.Teto banged on the door.
"Ted,Tedo,Keko this is NOT funny!"Teto yelled. Teto put her ear to the door and she heard people walking.Keko opened the door and looked at Teto.
"Aw, sorry Teto after 7pm is when everyone eats dinner and goes to sleep.So you sleep out here for the night hm'kay?"Keko teased and locked the front door.Teto rolls her eyes and sits in front of the door.Then she sees her room light on from the window.Teto got an idea.Teto climbed on the side of the house almost as she was breaking into her own house.She opened the window and pounced on her room floor.When she closed her room window Teto ran down stairs and opened the fridge.Her family were staring at her
"Never doubt my ninja Skill."Teto barked.Ted hit her in the head.
"Yeah never doubt your ninja skills"Ted repeated.

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Re: Teto Kasane

Post by leji_hyuga on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:10 pm

Even though your history is very limited you still should add somethings that happened in the academy. The ninja academy is 4 years long so what happen those other three years. The fourth year will be role played so you can add that to. An when clan is created the approved!

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