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Aisu Clan

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Aisu Clan

Post by leji_hyuga on Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:52 pm

Clan Name: Aisu Clan
Clan Location: Mist Village/land of waves
Clan Traits: Genin have wind an water element abilitys at birth.
Kekkei Genkai:
Icagan Level One-[Genin] The user eye changes to a ice cold blue an there whole eye turns blue, with one pupil in the middle of the blue eye the pupil is in the shape of an x. The ability the user has is there body tempture drops an there body is surrounded by ice an is involdable to most taijutsu attacks an other abilitys except elemental attacks[Fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, other]. The user strength also increases to a chuunin level an there speed slows down, but there eyes can see most speed in this state the eye cant see very well.

Icagan Level Two- [Chuunin elite, jouunin, Special Jouunin, Main Branch]The user eye still the same shape color, the user makes it snow Hail balls an can now use the element Snow release. Can control snow without useing chakra an create the ultimate defense the tenshi Ball. The user can use certain techniques based on there level.

Icshagan-[ Anbu, senin, kage, Jouunin, jouunin elite] The user can now use boiling release, he can see the water inside the chakra points an can attack an absorb the water out of the points, the user can control water from any living organsm even the human body.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Ice Style
Ice style: Frozen feild[level 5]
Ice style: Ice tornado jutsu[level 2]
Ice style: Ice forest[level 1]
Ice style: Ice spikes[level 1]
Ice style: Double Ice tornado jutsu[4]
Ice style: Crystal Ice mirriors[2]
Ice style: Thousand needles of death[2]
Ice style: Ice dragon[4]
Ice style: Ice clone jutsu[1]

Snow style
Snow style: Snow coffin jutsu[3]
Snow style: Bolder rain[5]
Snow style: snow transformation[1]
Snow style: Snow wall[2]
Snow style: Snow tornado jutsu[4]
Snow style: snow avalanche jutsu[5]
Snow Style: Snow rain[1]
Snow style: Snow whip[2]
Snow style: Ultimate Snow coffin[5]
Snow style: Tenshi Gathering[0]
Snow style: Quack[3]
Snow style: Snow tiger[3]
Snow style: Tripple Snow Wall

Water style

waterstyle: Kisame
waterstyle: water replacement
waterstyle: crushing river jutsu
waterstyle: water gathering
waterstyle: ground death
Waterstyle: Typhoon
Waterstyle: water ball jutsu

Wind Style:

Windstyle: Wind breaker
windstyle: Rising whirl wind
windstyle: wind wolf
windstyle: wind clone jutsu
windstyle: wind giant[kaze onii]

Boiling style

Boiling release
Boiling style: Boiling cube
Boiling style: Hot water technique
Boiling style: Boiling dragon
Boiling style: Ground melting
Boiling style: boiling fissure
Boiling style: Boiling Mountain

Summoning style
Summoning snowmen
Summoning Snowmen Army

Tenshi ball- Is a large defense like Kazekage gaara's ultimate defense but is snow ability an can't be destroyed unless strong fire ability or lava, magma or uchiha clan Amertsu ability.

These jutsu aren't the only jutsu we can have these are our unique jutsu that the ninja world can't have or learn we still can learn other jutsu. The same goes with summoning jutsu.

The Aisu Clan was around for a very long time, it's grand elder was one of the members who helpped build the land of waves an the great mist village. Useing the clan abilitys to build houses and great monuments. The grand elder is the reason why there is a misty fog covering the mist village because our clan is reposible for hidding an pursueing, we use our eyes to see introdors an people fleeing from the village. The aisu clans newest strongest member now is the mizukage Leji Aisu. Whom is the grand elder's Grand son. Leji is very powerful an one who now has surpassed the grand elder by having the Icashagan eyes. Useing the boiling ability.

Clan Details: Open for Mist village members only.

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Re: Aisu Clan

Post by Monkey on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:17 pm


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