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Zora Noah [WIP]

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Zora Noah [WIP]

Post by Shini on Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:52 pm

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Visual Age: 19

Actual Age: 427

Gender: Female

Natural Race: Asian


Zora is known to be a very laid back person, as he doesn't care about what happens to the world nor the soul society. However, he does care about his friends, being very protective to them when battling. Zora doesn't really like to fight, but when he does fight, he would usually act like a weakling to prove to the enemy that he isn't one hell of a fighter, nor is he worth the fight and energy.

He loves to party by a lot. Having the trait called the Party Animal, Zora is known to be very obssesed with parties, but not any kind of parties, the party that is way out of control. Due to him having this trait, he is very successful when making parties, as he knows that right procedure, who to invite and all that good stuff.

He doesn't really care about power, as he treats everyone the same. He doesn't get biased easily, usually questioning their motives. He also have his own goals which changes everytime. He hates people who think of themselves as powerful, or important because he treats everyone the same.

Zora is very proficient in acting, especially when it comes to being a bad guy. Hell, he can be all violent and stuff without people knowing who he is.
- Girls
- Parties
- Acting
- Friends
- Rude people
- Egomaniacs
- Fighting
- Hanging out with friends


RP Sample: This is where you will include a RP Sample from three scenarios that will be provided below. The sample has to involve your character. Basically, choose from the options below, fulfill their requirements, and create a "sample RP post" based on them.

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