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Nova Pirates

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Nova Pirates

Post by Opacityzero on Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:33 am

Crew Name: Nova Pirates

Captain: Jake D. Nova

Jolly Roger: Skull cross-bone and stars.

Ships: The Eclipse

The Eclipse is a medium sized ship Jake had managed to "borrow" on his exit from Marineford. The ship has two cabins; one is located on the second floor of the deck, while the other one is situated at the bottom of the ship. The Eclipse has its own kitchen and sports a very spacious deck. The exterior of the ship is sleek and well-conditioned. Each side had a set of three cannons ready at its disposal. The ship is a caravel and is about 80 feet long. It has three masts with lanteen sails making The Eclipse a very maneuverable ship. The masts measure in at about 25 feet high. The most telling characteristic of the Eclipse is it's giant sails depicting the symbol of the Nova Pirates.

Members: Jake D. Nova
Kyo K. Kusanji
Hayashi Yamamoto
Brandon Heat

Description: Jake is the captain of the Nova Pirates, K is the vice captain, Yamamoto is the cook, JP is the elder statesmen and Brandon Heat is the "shipwright". Jake's goal is to be the Pirate King and he wont stop until he reaches it. His personality changes as his experiences grow. He started off very kept to himself and now is more friendly towards his crew members. JP is a complete pervert, he spends his days on the ship reading Girlz 4 Piratez. Brandon Heat is the newbie of the crew and the prankster. He gets along well with everybody and his goal is to become the man with the most freedom in the entire world. Yamamoto's goal is basically to become the World's Greatest Chef. By traveling with the Nova Pirates, he'll hope to achieve his goal by becoming better at cooking and making the world's greatest dishes for everyone to enjoy. As for his personality, Yama's a cool, chilled out type of person. He's a down-to-earth type of person. And would prefer to have a laugh with his crew mates, then fight, unless they anger him, of course. Or the person mistreats women or something. K wants to be the Coolest Pirate Ever. K is one of those people that he likes to do things his way. Nice and Smooth and he Likes to Rap.
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One Piece Expert :D

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