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Sun shinichi

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Sun shinichi

Post by Truthisbeauty on Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:14 am

Name: Sun Shinichi

Age: 28

Race: Human
Gender: Male

Allegiance: Marine

Occupation: Navy Lieutenant
Rank: Lieutenant

Bounty: 0

Hometown or Sea: West Blue

Devil Fruit: Monkey Monkey fruit

Fighting style: Iron monkey style- Using Tekkai Sun can still move around and attack with devastating power though this does slow him down a bit
Kung Fu
Primary Weapon: N/A

Other Weapons:

Techniques: Iron claw- Grabbing the opponents head with his hand he covers there mouth and nose and then slams them
Monkey barrage- This uses his agility to attack from many different angles and he also uses his tail

Strengths: Hand to hand combat

Weaknesses: Sea stone

Likes: Happy go lucky people, chocolate

Dislikes: Gloomy people

Appearance: Sun has black medium length straight hair and big green eyes. He is always seen with a nice suit on. The undershirt of his suit varies but he always has a black overcoat on. His tail generally sticks out from the back of his pants. He is a lot smaller than his father, standing at 5'9 and weighing 160 lbs

Personality: Sun is very much like a monkey. He has trouble taking things seriously and loves to play around. Also he likes to be the center of attention and wants to make friends with everyone around him. When he gets serious, which is very rare, he attempts to destroy and humiliate his opponent.
History: Vice-admiral Shinichi was a man with a dangerous reputation. He had fought numerous powerful marines and always walked away the winner. He was as tough as steel, well at least until his child was born. Sun was born very tiny and the doctors were worried that he wouldn't make it. But the child had his fathers fighting spirit and grew to be a very healthy boy. At the age of 6 he was causing havoc around the neighborhood. He destroyed the neighbors stuff as he played with the other kids and always seeming to escape just before he was caught. His mother wanted to punish him but his father would never let her do it because he was just a boy and he was expressing himself.

The only time he disciplined his child was when they were training. He taught the boy Kung Fu from a very young age. Suns style differed very much from his fathers, his being more agile while his fathers was more based on power. This eventually lead to them sparring daily with the boy always trying to beat his father. Though to date it has still never happened.

When the kid turned 18 his father began him on some very serious military training, Rokushiki. These techniques required a powerful body and mind. He joined the marines and continued his fathers strenuous training. By the age of 23 he had learned one of the techniques, Tekkai. After that his father said he needed to master it to the fullest before he would train him any more on the techniques of rokushiki.

This required a lot of training and skill and would take him 2 more years before he finally mastered it and incorporated it into his own skills. When he was strolling around the base he walked into his fathers room to tell him the good news but the old man wasn't there. He looked around the office until his eyes fell on a strange fruit sitting in the middle of his desk. He walked towards it and sniffed it. The red banana gave off no odor so he decided that he would eat it. He peeled it and dropped the whole thing into his mouth which ended up being a horrible idea. The taste was dreadful and he nearly threw up. As he swallowed it his father had walked in on the scene.
"GIHAHAHAHAHAH, you are an idiot son, that was a devil fruit." the old man continued to point and laugh at his son as he began to stand up straight.

"Do you know which one it was?" he said and scratching his backside as he felt a strange feeling from back there. He looked back and saw the tail that was sprouting from his behind. He had eaten the monkey fruit and had become a monkey man.This fruit actually ended up helping him. Once he learned to use it properly he began to fight pirates with his name talents and even earned the moniker "Iron Monkey." Soon after he was assigned to a big mission that led to his big promotion. He was in charge of taking out Mad Eye Magoo the 10,000,000 beli gunslinger. He met the man with his crew in Logue town and this led to a viscous battle and his eventually victory and capture of the gunslinger.

After a few years passed he realized his dad wasn't going to train him anymore and he decided to go transfer to the grand line to hone his skills


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Re: Sun shinichi

Post by Opacityzero on Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:20 am

Alright, go RP with your new peep, Truth. Accepted by me. Smile
One Piece Expert :D
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