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Character Templates

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Character Templates

Post by ѕнιвυкι σƒ тнє єуєѕ on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:02 am

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Shinigami Template:
Rank:(Your rank will depend on when you join.)

Visual Age: Does your character look like 30? 85? Etc.

Actual Age: Self-explanatory.

Gender: Male or Female?

Natural Race: Asian, white, etc.


♱Likes: What does he or she like?
♱Dislikes: What does he or she dislike?
♱Hobbies: What does your character do for fun?


RP Sample: This is where you will include a RP Sample from three scenarios that will be provided below. The sample has to involve your character. Basically, choose from the options below, fulfill their requirements, and create a "sample RP post" based on them.

FullBring Template:








~This App was Created By Ace Akau~

Espada\Arrancar\Privous Espada Template:
Name: (The name of your character.)

Age: (How long the character has lived.)

Visible age: (Which age the character is closest physically.)

Gender: (Either male or female.)

Appearance: (How the character looks like. Even if you add a picture here, you still need at least 4 lines of description.)

Personality: (How the person acts around other people, alone and how it interacts, at least 2 lines.)

Rank: (Which rank is the character, if the Arrancar is loyal to the Espada.)

Aspect of death: (Which aspect of death does this Espada represent(Only for espada max 10 espada Only.)

Zanpakuto Information:

Name: (What is the name of your Zanpakuto? And what does the name mean?)

Appearance: (How does the Zanpakuto look like in it's unreleased form?)

Release Phrase: (What do you need to say when you release you Zanpakuto?)

Looks: (How does the Release Zanpakuto look like?)

Techniques: (What kind of techniques can you use when you are in your Resurrecion?)



History, RP Sample and RP Challenge.

History: (What is your characters history? How did the character become the person he/she is today? The higher rank, the longer history.)

RP Sample: (This is a test how you RP. Please RP as you usually do, don't just RP long here and short on the topics.)

Vizard Template:
Name: (What is your characters name?)
» Titles:(Does your character have any sort of special title rank, nickname or alias?)
» Appearance Age: (How old does your character look?)
» True Age: (What is their true age?)
» Gender: (Male or female or both?)
Affiliation/Rank: (What Group are they apart of or are they rouge?)

» Appearance Description: (Please Put AT least 5 sentences on your character appearance.)

» Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)


» Personality: (Please write AT Least 4 sentences.)

» Zanpakutō Name: (What is your characters Zanpukto name?)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: (What does your Zanpukto Spirit look like? A picture.)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: (What type of personality does your Zanpakutō Spirit have?)

» Inner World: (What does your character inner world look like)

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: (What does your Zanpukto look like in it's sealed state?)

» Release Phrase: (What does your character say when releasing?)

» Shikai Appearance: (What does your character look like in their Shikai?)

» Shikai Abilities: (What abilities does your character attain in Shikai? Please describe them with at least two paragraph's; five sentences each)

» Bankai Appearance: (What does your character look like in Bankai?)

» Bankai Abilities: (What type of additional abilities does your character get in Bankai? Please describe them in 1 paragraph max.)


» Inner Hollow Description: (What does your Inner Hollow look like? Please use a picture or 1 paragraph Max.)

» Inner Hollow Personality: (What is your inner hollow's personality? Please use at least 1 Paragraph Max.)

» Inner Hollow Powers: (What powers does your inner hollow have?)

» Hollow Mask Appearance: (What does your characters mask look like? Please use either a picture or describe it in 5 sentences)


» Vizard Powers: (What benefits does your character get from transforming into their mask state?)


» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. As such, you will need to post at least 2 paragraphs max describing their powers.)


» Background: (Please post at least 4 sentences or 2 paragraphs max describing their human life, death, progression to shinigami and how they became a Vizard along with their inner battle and the resulting conclusion of it)

God King(Note God kings cannot be made by anyone must be made mod approved player or a Mod and operated by a mod.
GOD-KING TEMPLATE(Note God Kings can only be used in Boss fights*
Basic Information:

Character Name: {whats your character's name?}
Gender: {Whats your characters gender?}
Age: {How old is your character, nothing exceeding 2000}
Rank: {Remember that if you give a certain rank, your history must match it, the higher the rank, the longer the history.}

Present Residence: {Soul Society, Living world, Hueco Mundo etc etc. can change anytime. This is where your character currently resides.}

Appearance: {An image and detailed explanation, include scars, tattoos, clothing preference etc etc, anything physical, add here}

Personality: {No one liners please, this is pretty much self explanatory, this is your character mentality, what makes them tick, what they like and don't.}


Life in the living world:
Life After Death:
Life as a Hollow:
Current Life:

RP Sample: { Submit an RP sample to be ranked. I'd go for quality rather than quantity. }

Zanpakuto Information:

Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name:
Weapon of Choice:
Spiritual Pressure Color:
Other Information:

Resurrección: (please re-use this form if you have more than one ressurection)
Resurrección Name: {What's your ressurection called?}
Descriptions: {Ressurection description/information}
Release Command: {A release command, to activate your ressurection}
Released Appearance: {What changes occur in your appearance?}
Other Changes: {Environment wise, changes that has nothing to do with your characters appearance}

Techniques: (maximum techniques 12, re-use the form provided please)

Name: (Name Of technique)
State: (Regular, ressurection or both)
Terms of usage: (Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe your technique)
Downside: (Your techniques weaknesses.)

Name: (Character name.)

Age: (Character’s age)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Personality: (how they act)

Appearance: (what they look like.)

Height:(Make it in Feet)

Weight: (Make this in Lbs and think about the Height when your putting this in)

Eye Color: (The Color of your Character's eyes)

Hair Color: (The Color of your Character's Hair)

Quincy Powers

Powers: (What skills they have as a Quincy. For those with extraordinary Quincy profiles, .)

Bow Description: (Customize your bow )

History: (Their life, when they became aware of spirits, and how they met Ishida and stuff or whatever)

Extra Abilities: (This is if they have a high intellect or something like they are a very good researcher or scientist)

Roleplay sample:(show us whatcha got.)

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