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Kings of Fire (Book one in the Reqiuem for the Heroes of Eden trilogy

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Kings of Fire (Book one in the Reqiuem for the Heroes of Eden trilogy

Post by the 7th gia on Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:40 pm

Keep in ming everything is copyrighted.


What makes a King? Most people would answer land, wealth or power, weather it be military or political. Yet if that is true, then the world is overflowed with Kings. These men are false kings. An example of a false king would be Napoleon, Hitler, or Stalin In truth a real king is a rare occurance indeed. For there are four base kinds of people. The first is the soldier, Warrior, and the disillusioned. These are the people who see the world for what it is, greedy, vain, selfish, and full of pain with little love to go around. The second kind of person is the writer, poet, dreamer, and the hopeful child. These are the ones who see mankind for what it aspires to be. They are the ones want to change things to match their views but lack the authority to do so. The third is the Sage, the wise-man, the teacher. These are the ones who teach mankind and help it along. They are the ones who create, teach and love for they have endured the world and came out for the better.

The last and greatest of these are the Leaders, heroes and Kings, for they are the shapers of the world. They have walked the path of the soldier, warrior, child, sage and the dreamer. These men know what power is, how to get it; and instead of squandering it, they use the power for the dream they hold dear. . In truth they were soldiers and dreamers who dreamed for things that were not meant to be. The separator between the lies and the truth is the sage. Without the sage, a king will act without wisdom or restraint, bending others to his will causeing them to revolt. This would cause his dream to never be realized. A real king knows what the world is, what he wants, and the wisdom to get there. When you see a real king you should see Power in his hands and posture, vision upon his brow, kindness to sympthasize with others and hardness to do what needs to be done, but above all you should see wisdom in his eyes. In all of history there have only been a handful of Kings who have achieved this.

It is for two of those men that I am writing this to you, Two true kings. Two kings they stood, two Kings who saw the truth of the world, two kings who saw hell, two kings who knew the grasp of fate, two kings who had a vision, two men who killed, two men who loved, two who hated, two who burned the world down, and sought blood for past crimes. for these were the kings that ruled flame and might, hate and death, love and darkness, light and rights. For these were the two kings of hell. These were the kings who detroyed the world. These were the kings, The kings of fire and it is here that their story begins.

A man dressed in the souls of the damned and hellfire approached the gates of heaven.

"Which of Satans minions dare approach the kingdom of heaven?" Boomed an angelic voice.

The man looked up and smiled "I must have lost my shine if even you, Saint Peter, mistake me for a minion. I am Satan ruler of hell and no other. Unless you wish to call me Lucifer once more."

Saint Peter's eyes narrowed. "What do you wish to accomplish here, Lord of the damned?"

Satan laughed a silky sound meant to disarm the most cynical of men, "I want no more than an audience with your esteemed master god."

"Do not try to sway me you snake. It is a hopeless endeavor” Saint Peter's eyes began to shine “ You need not ask me for an audience, for he is already here"

In a flash of light a man of radiance appeared, so bright even Satan averted his eyes lest he be blinded. " Satan what is it you wish of me?" His voice shook the gates of heaven. The clouds which they had been standing on began to glow.

Satan smirked " Oh, my esteemed rival. I wish to know if your willing to place a bet, as the humans say."

“Which is?” God asked.

" My rival," said Satan," as I have been working on gathering friends, I remembered a certain bet we had a long time ago when we saw whether your most esteemed servant could be swayed to my cause. You won but I have come to realize that you cheated me. We tested your most loyal of servants that hardly shows whether mankind accepts you as your master and not only that but you had to remind him of you” Satan strode around God and Saint Peter as he talked. Peter kept his eyes on him but, no one knew about god seeing as you could not look at him. Satan stopped as he delivered the next part of his speech stating his conditions “This time I ask you to summon the combined conscience, or essence if you will of man. Let us show them what you can offer, and then what I can offer, and let them choose who they prefer. If they choose you, then I will submit to your will and neither me nor my minions shall touch humanity for an amount of time. Should I win, my limits will be released and the world shall be subject to my ire and my… servants.”

"If I win, you will leave humanity alone for twenty millennia no less." said God

Satans eyes gleamed with pleasure as he bowed “Why of course,” his eyes glinted as he glanced up “Any other… discrepancies?”

“No, not with the deal, at least.” God mused.

“Then let us begin.” requested the Lord of the Damned.

Immediately a light began to coalesce few feet away from them until it grew and formed into a humanoid whose features literally were like the waves of a river, changing constantly from man to woman, and back again. The shade of its skin and hair turning into the palest of whites to the darkest of blacks, and it’s eyes going from blue to red to brown and to everything in-between.

“Then let us finish this folly.” God’s voice sounded strangely sad like a despairing father as he turned to his child.

"I am Man. What do you wish of me Creator?" said the humanoid. Man’s voice was as if millions of people were shouting the words and would have deafened any mortal.

"I want you to choose who you'd rather serve. I will show you what I have to offer and he will show you what he has to offer" said God

Man's eyes widened in surprise " As you wish it lord" said Man

God nodded solemnly still radiant in his glory “As I wish so it shall be my child.”

So God showed him his gift. Peace everlasting, growth and love, end of hunger, endless space, no more war, no more hate. Then the smiling devil stepped forward and showed him what he had to offer. Bliss, parties and drink, sex, victory over your enemies, and everything that the world had to offer.

After this was over God stepped forward " Choose." he said

Man turned between them looking to each. Wisdom ruled his mind, but as with all men, the seed of doubt began to pierce his thoughts, for he was no more than the representation of man, and man has had a bad habit of curiosity. It was for this that his hand pointed towards the devil. " I choose him. My lord for you have sheltered me for years but I wish to see what the man you hid from me has to offer and“ He hung his head“ it sounds better too." finished Man.

"Then begone from my sight" God thundered and Man disappeared, split up and each soul returned to their separate bodies.

Satan cackled " At last I have won!! I knew man would choose me given the chance!. I've made them complacent by giving them control over lightning. They use their clever little contraptions for everything! Ha!! they're days of comfort are over. Those spoiled brats will learn the true meaning of hell. On what they call new years day I’ll take the continents of the world and smash them together. My new years revolution will be to show them hell on earth and hate to all men!" with those words Satan was enveloped by hellfire and despairing screams from the souls of the dead he wore. Those desperate screams would haunt the great halls of heaven for millennia to come.

God with a heavy heart returned to his throne, leaned his back his head, and said " Satan you fool you forget that I know all that was, is and is to be. I knew you'd win but there's something I must prove to you no matter the cost." And so sat the god of man, with tears streaming from his radiant eyes. As days passed to years and years to decades, centuries and millennia, all the earth was consumed in the throes of chaos.


Chapter 1: John:


It was a bright day where we begin in a small village with a small castle, the size of a mansion only fifty or so yards out. On that particular day and time, the castle was quiet and the village thriving. With people happy to be there. Embracing as long lost friends and lovers after years apart. Many were dressed in armor that was stained with years old rust, their swords chipped and stained with faded red splotches from use. Yet oddly none of this was noticed as three men spoke to each other of recent events.

One of the men was passably tall, standing at about a six-foot level. He had dark, long red hair, and piercing eyes that seemed like a stormy sky. His clothes were bloodstained and he bore many scars, some small, some not so small. His sword was in excellent condition unlike his armor which was well used and dented. On his boot there was a rusty red substance the could, under crucial studying be declared weeks old dried blood. The second man was about the same height as the first, and his eyes where a startling shade of blue. Clear and calm as the surface of a lake. His hair was quite the peculiarity though, because while all of them seemed to be quite young his hair was a faded grey, like one would expect to see on someone well into his years. Albeit, his hair fell to his shoulders, Though his clothes fared the same as the first as did his sword though his armor did not seem to have as much as wear as the first. The last one was probably the shortest, and mayhap the one who fit the least. He had the grey hair of the second and was defiantly the youngest. While the others seemed young he was by far younger, bubbling with the youth and energy of one who has just come into manhood while the others were most likely in their mid to late twenties. They held the strength of one in their prime, and they held themselves with confidence and had the look of a mature man which the last one seemed to lack due to his young age. While their eyes were hard with experience his was bright and innocent. Those eyes were the color of newly polished silver, an oddity in itself. His clothes were leather to their steel, in short he was quite the contrast making for an odd sight. Yet despite that they all had no trouble talking.


“how was it out there? How many men did you kill?” The youth asked excitedly.

The red haired one smiled,” Ask your dad Pierre, because That‘s something I don‘t care to count.” he said as he smiled.

Pierre dad shrugged,” I don’t know it’s not something I care to keep track of either.” he said honestly.

Pierre frowned,” You were fighting for a whole year. Surely you did something that’s cool. Didn‘t you Jon?” he asked the red head hoping for a good story.

“ While I love to fight, killing isn’t something I rejoice in… but I suppose our biggest fight was that one in the ruins. Wasn’t it Marc?” he asked his companion.

“ I believe so, there were at least a few hundred. We didn’t do a whole lot though. Most of the credit goes to our men.” he stated somewhat nervously.

Jon reached an arm around and squeezed him casually in a half hug,” That’s nonsense, why if it wasn’t for you I would have been dead half a dozen times in that battle alone! That‘s why you’re my friend and second in command.” he said jovially.

Marc laughed nervously and shrugged his arm off,” Same to you “boss“.” he turned back to his son, Pierre.,” So what’s new around here?” he asked a bit awkwardly.

Pierre smiled slyly,” Well… There’s a new baby in town. It’s about three months old.”

Jon rolled his eyes,” yes so what if one of my soldiers had a kid. I’ll have to congratulate him. What’s it got to do with us?” he asked.

Pierre just smiled as Marc’s eyes widened and he coughed into his arm,” Oh well that’s quite interesting.” he said awkwardly.

Jon frowned for the first time,” What’s interesting?” he asked confused.

Marc smiled and hit him on the shoulder,” The kid is yours stupid.” He said then laughed.

Jon’s eyes widened from the possibility,” I-Is that true?!” he asked Pierre.

“Umm yeah of course it is.” he said like he should have known.

Jon smiled a massive smile,” Well then to celebrate my new daughter and the creation of our new kingdom We’re gonna have a feast!” he yelled out to all the soldiers and citizens of his new domain. The soldiers who had already heard about the birth from their waves or some such source cheered, and the ones who hadn’t hesitated for a moment due to absorbing the information that their King now has a daughter and then cheered along with the others.

Jon turned to Pierre,” Where is my brother, Lucian. He needs to set up the feast I don’t know how to do that stuff.” he asked and explained politely.

Pierre shrugged nonchalantly,” well he’s probably in the practice area at this time of day. He didn’t come because he’s not mu-” he cut off as Jon interrupted.

“-ch of one for parties. Yeah but where is the training ground? It was added while I was gone I believe.” he interjected rudely.

Pierre got a pouty look to him as he said,” behind the Castle on the tree line.” he turned to his dad,” can you show me your new moves while he does that?” he asked excitedly as Jon left and Marc agreed and walked off his own way.






Jon looked at the building it seemed quite well made and new with fresh hard wood unlike the castle which was both made of good wood and rotting wood.

“That’s not too bad.” he muttered admiring the work as he went inside. The receptionist was looking at papers which was a moderately new invention that was amazingly useful for recording such things as supplies… or money.

“ Training circle 3 is open if you need training, sir.” she said while looking at the papers and shuffling her quill across the it.

Jon smiled,” Which Training area is Lucian using.” he asked while stepping up with a tilt to his step.

The receptionist smiled as she looked down at her papers checking them,” Apparently you’ve been drinking sir, but Lucian is by far the best with Marc and John gone.” she said then putting up her paper she looked up then frowned,” O-o-oh sorry sir Lucian is in Circle 6 down the hall to the right, third door down.” she said quickly as she flushed from embarrassment.


Lucian was training as the receptionist said, but he was doing it alone. He was of fair height standing around 6 foot, his hair was a peculiarity for it was a dazzling bright red with a streak of black on one side of his head that looked like paste.

“Hey Lucian, I need to discuss some things with you!” Jon called out snapping Lucian away from his training.

“Do you want new or do you have something you want.” he said gruffly as he sheathed his swords.

I smiled as I said,” Both.”

Lucian redrew his swords. Both were short swords and had only one edge. They were also a faded grey because Lucian did not exactly have a flair for fashion unlike Jon did. Jon’s sword had a gilded hilt and an engraved blade that had Homme mort vueve engraved into it.

“Then we can spar as we talk.” he said as he advanced slowly.

Jon put his hand on the hilt,” If you insist but that’s fairly odd.” he said as he blocked Lucian’s first overhead strike with ease.

Lucian jabbed twice as he said,” Well first the national arena is doing better than ever. Word is that their starting to capture and train women to fight too.” he said as his blow were knocked aside.

The arena was where warriors fought, gained honor, money, and fame. They were also prisoners, taken from their home and families never allowed to leave. Bandits would sell battle ready men that they captured on raids to the arena for money or pardons. The biggest problem was that few people cared and only wanted to see blood spilled for they lacked entertainment from a hellish outside world and sought it in an orderly hell that they could watch and thank that they’re not a part of. It was also to large of an organization for any one kingdom to take down seeing as kingdoms are so small and weak compared to such things.

“How low can the get?” Jon said as he stuck three rapid blows to Lucian’s side and tried to step in and elbow him in the jaw quickly.

“ Pretty low. So what was you request?” he asked as he spun sideways to his right avoiding the elbow after he blocked Jon’s sword.

“Were having a fest to celebrate my daughters birth and our armies return.” he said trying to have a tone of voice that beget no reprisals but only succeeding in sounding arrogant.

Lucian frowned at Jon” We can’t do that, because we don’t have the money or more specifically we have too much debt. We can‘t handle all the food, “drink“, and whatever trouble you stir up. You are one person who should not be having beer.” he said as he two swords clanged heavily with Jon’s reinforcing his words.

Jon grunted from the impact,” I don’t think so, how about however wins this gets their way?” he said as he stalked around Lucian slowly.

Lucian kept a critical eye on him, like his brother he liked fighting to an unhealthy degree,” Fine.” he said as he launched into a storm of blows that had Jon backpedaling.

Jon waiting for his opening rammed his shoulder into Lucian’s back the second he began his signature spinning double sword strike. Then placing the tip of his sword onto his brothers back he said grimly,” Were having the feast weather you like it or not.” he said as he left the training circle with his brother furious on the ground.





Later john was walking through the castle, inspecting it he saw that builders had been replacing the logs that had been rotting away. Termites were a common occurrence to the constructionist annoyance. At first they had welcomed the rain since it killed some of them, but then after a few complaints they realized water was pooling on the roof so they began building a new structure for the roof that was slanted. The idea was that they rain would just roll off and so far it was gonna get its first test, because it looked like it was gonna rain when he had been out there. Although that wasn’t something Jon often thought about he couldn’t help but admire the work weather it would prove to work or not. Lost in thought Jon ran into a woman. She was about as tall as him with snow white hair, dark brown eyes, and an excited look on her face.

At first he was surprised by running into her as was she, but then he put his arms around her, pulled her in and kissed her. After a moment or two he stopped and face still close to her he said,” I’ve missed you Salina.” he whispered softly.

Salina ran her hand through his hair while looking into his eyes,” You’ve let your hair get long again.” she said smiling

Jon smiled a completely genuine smile,” There not a lot of time to worry about your hair on the battlefield.” he countered in good humor.

She laughed softly,” don’t worry your hair doesn’t matter to me. Did you hear the news?” she asked smiling shyly.

Jon contemplated lying to let her show him but he wasn’t very good at that so he went with the truth and he nodded,” Yeah a little girl, where is she?” he asked.

She stepped back and grabbed his hand as she pulled him down the hall. When she reached a plain brown door she opened it and said,” In here.”

Our room was finely decorated… with swords. Big ones, small ones, long and short all finely made and he could use each one though not each one expertly. Although for the simple fact it was decorated with swords, well he only had one thing to say. “I like swords” a bit shallow of an explanation but they planned on moving their child out as soon as the builders were done building the room for the child. But for now the child stayed here, This had been agreed on before Jon had left to fight for a year.

Salina walked over to a cradle picked up the child and walked back. “Here she is.” she said as she handed her over.

Holding her gently I looked at her. She was very healthy for a baby, with little chubby cheeks and the whole deal. On top of her head though could be seen the very beginning of white hair. This was her mothers trademark for white hair was very, very rare. “Looks like she’s gonna get your hair.” Jon said as he handed her over smiling. He already had a fathers pride in her and would do anything for her. “Do you have a name in mind? I was thinking maybe Nuriel.” he asked softly not wanting to disturb the sleeping baby.

Salina put her in the cradle and they stepped outside the door, “That sounds nice, but I was thinking of the name Elena.” she said honestly.

Jon laughed quietly, still conscious of the baby,” I like that name much better.” he said smiling. Then he grew a bit nervous,” Oh and I forgot to tell you but we’re going to have a feast.” he said awkwardly.

She smiled,” Yes I know I heard about that. I plan to get Pierre to baby-sit her at his house while were there.” she held her hand up to prevent Jon from interrupting, and he had been about too,” But if, and I know you will. When you boys start to get rough I’m going to leave. You and drink do not go together.” She said sternly.

Jon laughed and scratched his head,” Well you and Lucian seem to agree on that, at least.” he said

She waved her hand exasperated,” I’m already ready, I’m going to take Elena to Marc’s house for Pierre to take care of her. You get ready, I’ll be at the hall getting ready for the party in an hour.” she declared as she went and got Elena and left.

Grumbling Jon got on my “party wear” which consisted of a fine dull red and grey shirt and light blue pants. His tastes when it comes to fashion aren’t exactly common. Strapping on his sword he stop at the door and smiled the last smile he would ever have in that room. Then fate began it’s course as the storm broke overhead and Jon went to the feast.







The hall was alive with torches on the wall high up hanging far out up on the wall to prevent the wood from catching fire. The hall itself was massive, at least the space of half a castle with a table to span that distance to. Servants were running around setting out wooden bowls , spoons and cups. No candles were set on the table itself because that would just be asking to catch the table alight. This was what an joyous john came in to see. After taking a second to look at the room, he walked over to a head chef.

“Has Pierre arrived yet?” he asked smiling.

The chef glanced at him and shook his head. He eyes were slanted and his skin was a nice tan from hours in the sun. when he opened his mouth he said the word “No.” yet no sound came out, because he lacked a tongue. Something he lost in an argument, though he wouldn’t speak about it and didn’t respond nicely to any inquires about what he lacks either.

Jon as always felt a bit awkward around him,” Well how about Lucian?” he asked.

The chef shook his head and signed to someone nearby whom he signed multiple words. All the kitchen staff were trained in sign language so they could carry out his orders. The servant he called over was young and had a bruised cheek.

The boy bowed slightly,” Lucian said he won’t be coming. He wants to reduce the cost of the feast and he has business to attend to.” he said sweating a bit.

Jon ignored the bruise since it had probably come from misbehavior and was most likely deserved,” Very well then I suppose I’ll go find something to do.” he said and walked away.

For awhile Jon entertained himself by talking to friends but eventually he went outside, planning to meet Marc at the door. He waited for hours as the sun began to set coming eerily below the rain clouds and setting everything ablaze in a wash of red. Every water drop that fell from the sky glinted red light. It was during these beautiful moments that Marc arrived his head down and trudging slowly down the trail. Concerned Jon stepped out to meet him, his own hair seemed to glow red with the water.

“What’s wrong?” Jon asked as he looked at Marc’s eyes as he raised his head. Tears streamed from red eyes.

Marc’s voice shook,” Homme mort Vueve… they took Pierre.” he choked out.

Jon was shocked by this, Homme mort vueve or widows dead man in English was something like a mercenary training camp. They stole children no older than 16 and trained them to be cold, bloodless and deadly mercenaries. They even took babies out of their cribs. They trained each one differently resulting in massive and deadly variations. Once they were trained enough and had lost all trace of humanity they were put on auction and sold to the highest bidder. Since there is nothing more deadly than them, they sold well. Jon himself had come into contact with two and had barely escaped with his life. Pierre would never be seen again, and if he was it would be as a merciless killer.

Jon put his hand on Marc’s shoulder and his voice somber he said,” I’m sorry.”

Marc shook his hand of and his voice shaking he spoke,” You don’t understand,” he sobbed,” they took your baby too. Pierre was going for a walk when it happened.” he said and began crying.

For Jon it was that moment when the fire red rain became a rain of blood. He sank pitifully to his knees as he looked at the ground. Choking on words of love never to be spoken, memories that would never happen. Blind with tears he stood up turned around and walked silently to the now blooming feast. He would never see his daughter again and if he did it would be worse than death. Silently he walked past comrades of battle and old friends from the village congratulating him on his new child and victories and wounding him even more and more. As he walked the companionable laughing faces were no longer laughing from joy, but laughing at him and his misery. Such was the state of his mind to turn friend to foe. As he sat down the noise of the crowd dimmed as he began to drink his beer. It tasted bitter in his mouth, but nevertheless he drank and drank as the hours passed. His men became rowdy and his wife left to her rooms and marc took his seat as quiet as the man with the hair of blood. As he sat he looked at each man whom he lead and watched them laugh. He wondered why it couldn’t have been one of them why did it have to be him? He asked himself theses kinds of questions constantly beating himself in his mind and cursing his comrades for their smiles. Eventually he slowly stood and faked a smiled as he spoke to them.

“I have a competition in mind,” he said with a fake smile and laugh as the crowd roared their approval,” We will have a competition with a sword and your favorite thing, beer. In one hand you will hold your beer and in the other your sword. As such the competitor will fight. If either competitor spills his beer, drops his cup, or his sword then he will lose. If you win then you must drink your beer and continue with another full cup against your next opponent. I will begin and the person to beat me gets a bag of gold.” he said with a smile that did not touch his eyes and his men roared their approval.

Then he began his trial, he knocked down man after man, soldier after soldier, brother after brother. Soon he had knocked down droves, at least twenty men. The next one was up when Jon turned to him. His eyes burned and his head hurt as he raised hi sword and quickly advanced on him striking hard and repeatedly. At first he was able to keep up but soon his grip loosened from the sickening blows of Jon’s sword. With the next blow his sword went flying with the next he smashed the wooden cup that had been feebly put up for protection, and cut his opponents hand. Yet even there he did not stop, as his opponent crawled backwards on the ground crying Jon realized he was attacking a kitchen boy who had been carrying away a knife for meat and a beer bottle to refill. Yet even there he did no stop he wanted this boy to hurt as much as he was. As he brought his sword up and down another blade crashed with his and stopped dead cold.

Marc looked into his eyes and screamed,” What the hell are you doing!?” he said.

But His words fell on deaf ears as Jon continued his assault but now against Marc and the boy backed away on his hands and feet quickly. Jon’s sword slammed into Marc’s over and over again in a thousand different ways, and a thousand different times. Yet Marc never moved an inch for every single strike, and he never gave any back. He just stood there and blocked every advance. The sound of the swords clashing almost sounder like the beating of drums to Jon. A rhythmic beat mourning him and his child. Then as he raised his sword once more Marc threw his sword to the ground as he reared back and slammed his fist into Jon’s jaw. Shocked Jon dropped his sword as Marc took the advantage and grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him into the wall.

Tears streamed down Marcs face as he yelled at the top of his lungs,” Are you really that selfish?, That foolish? You are not the only one who has ever lost a child. Hell I’ve lost my own today. But what kind of excuse can you possibly have for attacking a boy?! A child!” he said as he threw a crying Jon to the ground,” Go back to your wife, tell her everything that has happened and don’t come back till you’ve fixed yourself up.” he said as Jon picked up his sword and left.




As Jon was walking down the hall he felt numb, numb to everything. He was trying to think of what to say when he heard fighting and rushed to the door and threw it open. Multiple swords had fallen from the walls and the furniture was over turned. Standing in the middle of the room was Salina. She has a knife to her throat.

“Hello brother.” Lucian said sinisterly as he drew the reddest, ugliest smile on Salina’s throat that Jon had ever seen.

At the moment something in John broke. He was no longer numb, he didn’t even feel human. At that moment he became something less, he become fury he became rage, he became a rabid dog. As he drew his blade and launched at his once loved brother he became a pawn. A pawn of fate.
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Re: Kings of Fire (Book one in the Reqiuem for the Heroes of Eden trilogy

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It looks good so far. Very Happy

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Re: Kings of Fire (Book one in the Reqiuem for the Heroes of Eden trilogy

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Re: Kings of Fire (Book one in the Reqiuem for the Heroes of Eden trilogy

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