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Character Template

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Character Template

Post by leji_hyuga on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:41 am

Edited by Opacityzero

Welcome to the One Piece Character Station! Here, you submit your characters. Each character requires you to fill out the Quick List form as well as the Character Template. After doing so and posting both, your character will be reviewed by the RPG staff. After at least one approval, you're good to go. It's not that tricky, is it? But do ask any questions if you have them.

If you are making a crew of your own, please fill out the Crew Template and submit it in this thread, too.

Character Template



Race: (Humans, Bilkans, cyborgs, fishmen, giants, Kuja, Longarm Tribe, merfolk, Shandians, Skypieans, and wotans have been shown in the series so far. Custom races, such as special human-variation tribes, are welcome.)


Allegiance: (A specific pirate crew, the Revolutionary Army, World Government, or some other group or country/government.)

Occupation: (Pirate, Marine, Bounty Hunter, and Cipher Pol Agent are usually the main. These or similar main ones should be listed first. Other additions include archeologist, assassin, blacksmith, chef/cook, doctor, marksman, martial artist, musician, navigator, shipwright, sniper, swordsman or another type of weapon specialist, thief, and other professions.

Rank: (The rank in your, usually main, occupation. Such as a pirate being a captain of a crew.)

Bounty: (Put "None" if your character wouldn't have one. You can put the amount you think your character is worth due to their past actions. The RPG mods will tell you if you need to adjust your history to fit. If you are unsure, leave it blank and the mods will help.)

Hometown or Sea: (Say where your character is from. Give the exact place or say what sea.)

Devil Fruit: (Canon or made up. However, as always, every fruit is one-of-a-kind.)

Fighting style: (DF's, Haki, Rokushiki, and other special ways to fight.)

Primary Weapon:

Other Weapons:

Techniques: (List your attacks here.)





Appearance: (No images allowed, but links to images are encouraged as a supplement to a written description. Do not use an exact picture of a character from the series, but do feel free to find a near likeness from a fan art or the like)

Personality: (Basically put anything else you want here that doesn't fit in the other categories.)




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